Saturday, November 10, 2012

5 Reasons Why You Need To Have Marble Flooring in Your Home

Marble flooring has been a popular option among home owners for many years. This is due to many reasons. First of all the marble floor gives a white and cool appearance to the house. It gives a feeling of comfort. The demand of marble flooring in houses of warmer climates is high. In the hot weather of summer, one can achieve a cooling effect with marble flooring in the house. The floors made from marble thus lend a soothing ambience to your surroundings and hence remains a popular choice.

Marble is a natural product. One can get high finish and quality of marbles. A person can easily find wide variety of patterns available for marble flooring. With the wide variety of patterns, a person can create the best flooring pattern suitable for the house. As there is a wide range of marble colors and patterns available for flooring, marble never goes out of style. This is one of the reasons, which has boosted the popularity of the marble floors.

The third and one of the most important points, which make marble floors a popular choice is the durability that is associated with the marble flooring. If installed in a proper fashion, a marble flooring can last long. When a person lays marble flooring, then it should be treated with sealant to ensure that it is stain resistant. This sealant would protect the flooring for almost a decade, provided the annual maintenance of the floor is done on a regular basis. Marble can survive almost all spills if it is cleaned up properly. The stains caused by strong acidic liquids can also be removed with professional help.

Marble flooring requires less maintenance and thus attracts more homeowners. Cleaning of marble floor is a simple task. One can mop the floor with hot water and leave the floor to dry. A person can also add mild cleaning liquid to the floor. Remember the cleaning product needs to be pH neutral, bleaching free and non caustic. If a person would opt for the suitable marble floor cleaner, then he would be able to increase the shine and durability of marble floors for more than a decade.

Unlike ceramic tiles, marble flooring retains the natural quality of marble, which adds to its advantages. Marble has the natural ability to remove the bacteria and viruses that gathers on the floor. Thus, a person can have a healthy environment in his house. Many people prefer marble flooring as it helps check the spread of disease germs and infections.

All these factors have increased the popularity of the marble flooring in the last few years. Marble floors are preferred by people in different parts of the world. Marble floors give a brilliant look to the house. Many interior decorators prefer the use of marble as it is easy to decorate a house with marble flooring. As marble floors are available in variety of patterns, one can select an attractive design and avoid the use of floor carpets. One should do the marble flooring of the house professionally to get maximum comfort in all seasons.

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