Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tourism Industry of Dubai

Dubai is the capital of UAE and is developing at a rapid pace. Being the most popular career destination, it has no dearth of career opportunities for foreign workforce across various industries. The city of Dubai makes for one of the most popular tourist spots in the Gulf being the hub of all tourism and economical activities.

The economy of Dubai is majorly dependent on tourism, real estate and financial service sectors after oil and gas. Large numbers of tourists from across the world throng Dubai for both business and leisure purposes. This influx of tourists has naturally led to increase in demand for services of hospitality industry, thus, opening various jobs in tourism industry. The hospitality or tourism industry of Dubai is quite developed due to large number of travelers visiting the city every month. It caters well to the demands of these tourists and is looking for highly skilled workforce to meet the ever growing needs of the industry and the travelers.

It is, in fact, quite easy for expatriates to find tourism jobs in Dubai because of the large number of vacancies in this sector. Well qualified and highly trained professionals are required in all sectors of hospitality from hotels to travel agencies to aviation, etc. People with experience and international exposure generally hold more chances of getting through these jobs easily. The tourism industry of Dubai aims at providing world class services to all the international travelers and thus, it employs best possible manpower for the same. It serves both high end visitors and low budget tourists while being the primary source of revenue for Dubai.

Tourism ensures the flow of foreign cash into the city. The city of Dubai brings in tourists for its ancient and modern attractions and also by being a shopping destination for many. Dubai welcomes tourists warm heartedly and is thus, establishing more agencies, shopping malls, hotels, business centers, etc. to cater to their growing inflow. And, as real estate market and infrastructure of Dubai develops, it boosts the hospitality sector as well. The wholesome approach for development of Dubai is reaping gains in the form of overall growth across all the sectors in the city. This large scale development has ultimately led to coming up of myriad of jobs in Dubai. There are so many job opportunities available that locals do not suffice to fill in the vacant positions and workforce from outside has to be hired.

The tourism jobs in Dubai are advertised through newspapers, recruitment agencies, job portals and company websites. You can send your application through any of these mediums. In fact, it is suggested that if you have any references for jobs in Gulf, you should through them. It is the most promising and credible means of beginning a career in any of the states of UAE like when taking up Cairo, Bahrain, etc.
The hospitality sector offers plenty of jobs in hotel that are available in various departments like in restaurants or catering divisions, in housekeeping, in front office, in managerial levels, in supervisory positions and in accounts department. To get a senior level job, you need to meet basic educational and professional requirements as they mostly recruit experienced personnel. This availability of large number of jobs in hotel industry emphasizes the fact that experts across all the fields in service sectors can be employed in Dubai.

Jobs in aviation sector as pilots, air hostess, cabin crew, porters, ticketing staff, etc are also available in various airlines. International travel agencies hire people with good selling and convincing skills to magnify their customer base.
Hence, Dubai's tourism industry has huge scope of growth that offers higher number of career options to expatriates.

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