Saturday, June 2, 2012

Non Chlorine Shock for Pool Sanitation

Non chlorine shock treatment is a specialized type of spa and pool maintenance method that's very usable in certain situations. Living in southern California, I've been in and around a lot of hot tubs, and over the years, I've really started to dislike that strong chlorine odor. Not only that, but the more that I study the chemicals in our environment that we're constantly exposing ourselves to, the more I like the idea of safe alternatives like non chlorine shock for pool and spa treatment. This system of treatment uses less chlorine yet still keeps the water sanitized and healthy. But what exactly is non chlorine shock treatment? In technical terms, non chlorine shock is a chemical system treatment that reconfigures the current chlorine in a pool or spa back to its optimal levels. But here's the explanation in plain English.

Chlorine is added to pools and spas in order to sanitize them against bacteria, germs, algae, and other potentially harmful biological organisms? But what happens is that most of the chlorine added to pools and spas go after other things in the environment, things like skin cells, sweat, bugs, dirt, and whatever other foreign particles manage to enter the pool. When the chlorine encounters these foreign particles, it oxidizes them and the byproduct of this reaction is called chloramines, or combined chlorine. These molecules of chloramine exhibit a very powerful chlorine odor and can cause eye and nose irritation. In order to get the chlorine back to correct levels of sanitation, the water must be shocked.

Regular chlorine shock involves added large amounts of chlorine, or super-chlorinating the water in order to break down the chloramines and other foreign material and bring the water back to normal sanitation levels. But many people don't like the idea of adding huge concentrations of chlorine to the water they're going to swim in. I'm one of them. That's where non chlorine shock comes in. Non chlorine shock is a different way of bringing chlorine levels back to optimal levels without having to add more chlorine.

Now that you've learned about what non chlorine shock is, let's talk a little bit about non chlorine sanitation methods for your pool or spa. These methods will not completely eliminate your need for chlorine use, but they will definitely decrease it greatly. The first method that's gaining a lot of popularity is hydrogen peroxide sanitation. This method alone is really only considered suitable for hot tubs because of the very large amount of hydrogen peroxide that is needed in order to keep optimal levels of water safety and sanitation. However, when used in cooperation with an ozone generator, a market improvement occurs in water quality, and the need for large amounts of hydrogen peroxide is limited.

An ozone generator is also great in conjunction with another with another natural sanitation method known as mineral sanitation. Mineral sanitation basically relies on silver to kill bacteria and germs. Sound strange? It's actually not. Ionized silver, which is just silver molecules that are ionized and suspended in water, is a very effective drink against sickness that I've been taking for years to ward off illness. Silver is able to kill harmful single celled germs because it inhibits the respiration of anaerobic bacteria. It is very potent against germs. Mineral sanitation, when used in conjunction with ozone generators to eliminate organic compounds can be a very nice way to keep your water clean and chemical free.

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