Saturday, June 30, 2012

BMW's New 1.5l Three Cylinder Engine

BMW's New 1.5l Three Cylinder Engine

BMW has unveiled a new three cylinder engine in its bid to raise the bar for its rivals. This a 1.5-litre unit which would go with the new front wheel drive models and the 2013 Mini and will be available in petrol and diesel versions. BMW claims it to be 15% more in efficiency than its equivalent of four cylinder, thanks to the BMW's Twin Power Turbo Technology. This technology is already available in various BMW's petrol and diesel engines to decrease carbon emissions and return more economy. This technology works under the bonnet in valve timing and giving and restricting the power just how much and when it is needed. The petrol range returns 120bhp to 200 bhp, giving the torque values between 132lb ft to 198lb ft.

The diesel variant's design is similar to that of the petrol's giving the output of 100 bhp to 180bhp with more than reasonable amount of torque. BMW has set its target to decrease fleet consumption to 25% till 2020, the second stage of its Efficient Dynamics scheme that was launched few years back. The manufacturer is gearing up to launch a new i8 super car, equipped with a more enhanced version of this engine and a hybrid system to achieve more power with extra efficiency. We are hoping, despite being a super car it will be more economical than its rivals and may be even some other saloons.

The engine has attracted many praises when the latest BMW 1 series prototype has been released. The car returns 178bhp and 199lb ft of torque which is astonishing for a 1.5-litre engine. It shifted up to 6500 rpm. The prototype has an eight-speed automatic gearbox and a redesigned electronics and engine mapping that helps in achieving good economy. Another factor in good economical figures is the light weight, without compromising the BMW's trade mark sporty look.

The petrol variant of the 1 series prototype returns an economy of 56mpg, which is amazing for a car producing about 200bhp. The engine gives an active and responsive feel. The petrol and diesel variants of BMW's new engine can be built together, which will help addressing changes in market demand easily. The new family of BMW's Efficient Dynamics engines is the future which is here. The three cylinder engine will be available next year, but id is expected to replace BMW's three, four and six cylinder petrol and diesel engines. BMW has once again proved itself to be leader of innovation in auto mobile industry.

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